ReadyRedact Document Redaction

Permanent and Reliable Redaction

Lower the risk of exposing privileged and sensitive information with ReadyRedact!
It provides advanced, pixel-to-pixel replacement technology to permanently remove confidential data, adding both a higher level of security to your files and peace of mind to your regulatory compliance processes.

AI-Powered Document Redaction Software

ReadyRedact helps ensure that your documents are in compliance with current privacy and data protection laws including GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, POPI and HIPAA. The software leverages cutting-edge AI technology to parse documents and produce a permanently redacted document version for sharing or storage. ReadyRedact automates and streamlines the redaction process eliminating the risk of identity theft, fraud and litigation due to data leaks or outright theft.

Automated Redaction Software

ReadyRedact is easy and user-friendly made for fast and efficient document redaction. It harnesses the power of AI with automation features that identify and redact sensitive information with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Say goodbye to manual redaction tasks and hello to effortless data protection and regulatory compliance.

Easy Project Management

ReadyRedact was built for collaboration and project management. The File Manager helps keep teams organized and on task. Securely upload, share, modify, save and download your sensitive documents in confidence knowing they are safe and protected. You can even add permissions for an extra layer of privacy.

Redaction for Compliance

Protect your business or organization with ReadyRedact's cloud-based, AI-powered redaction software! ReadyRedact safely and securely stores confidential documents by permanently redacting classified data and helps ensure compliance with privacy laws such as CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, HIPAA, GLBA, PPI, PCI and others.

Confidential Data Protection and compliance
Complete Redaction for Data privacy

Keep Sensitive Information Private and Protected.

Confidently save and share your sensitive documents knowing you are protected from inadvertently disclosing private and privileged information. ReadyRedact allows you to permanently redact confidential data prior to sharing and storing. It is a versatile solution that is utilized by law firms, financial companies, healthcare providers, and government agencies just to name a few. If you are responsible for protecting privileged data of any nature, ReadyRedact can help reduce the risk of legal liability, penalty fees and compliance challenges.
Simple and Reliable Document Redaction

Redact Privileged Data with Ease and Confidence.

ReadyRedact doesn't simply hide your confidential data, it completely removes it ensuring the highest level of protection. It handles PDFs, JPEGs, TIFFs, PNGs, as well as Microsoft Office documents. It includes features such as automated "Search & Redact", partial and full-page redaction, API Integration, text and specified area redaction, single or bulk uploads and so much more. In addition, ReadyRedact provides the ability to collaborate by allowing editing and annotating documents with sticky notes, comment boxes, highlighters, pre-defined and custom stamps, strike-through lines, shapes and other useful annotation and editing tools.
document redaction
Powerful Compliance Redaction Software

Regulatory Compliance for Sharing and Storage.

Keeping up with data security regulations and new privacy compliance laws is time consuming enough. With ReadyRedact, you won't have to worry about this data once it has been redacted and stored. ReadyRedact allows you to permanently redact confidential data to help ensure compliance. Share and Store your documents with confidence!
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What our Customers Say

ReadyRedact is a proven automated document redaction software that will keep your business or organization safe, secure and in compliance. Not sure yet? Listen to what ReadyRedact customers have to say!

“Our team deals with personal and private data and our customers expect us to keep it that way. ReadyRedact has helped us ensure our customers' sensitive information remains confidential and secure."
Tony N.
Program Manager
“We face steep penalties and fines if we are not in compliance with current privacy protection laws. ReadyRedact has enabled us to confidently save and share sensitive documents without fear of non-compliance.”
Jane P.
Data Protection Lead
“I can't say enough about how easy ReadyRedact is to use and how much we love the built-in file manager. It's helped boost our collaboration capabilities and eased sharing concerns because we know every document we access is secure."
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Cory M.
PPI Analyst

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