Advanced AI-Driven Redaction

Unlock the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence with ReadyRedact's suite of advanced AI redaction features. ReadyRedact leverages state-of-the-art AI algorithms to streamline and automate the redaction process, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. This powerful, cloud-based solution helps protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with corporate and regulatory data privacy laws for healthcare organizations, government agencies, law firms, financial services organizations, corporate HR departments and more. From Automated Redaction Rules and Scanning Ability to API and File Sharing integrations, ReadyRedact is a data protection industry leader.

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Safe, Simple, Accurate and Secure

Intuitive User Interface

ReadyRedact's user friendly, AI-powered redaction software features an intuitive dashboard with a variety of redaction tools to help protect your data. The "Quick Redact" widget allows for fast, efficient and simple document redaction allowing you to drop documents right into the document editor with access to all the redaction tools needed to secure your documents. Redact personal data with easy, from OCR and pattern identification, to text and area redaction, to API authentication and Auto Redaction Rules.

  • API Integration
  • Automated Redaction / AI Technology
  • Automated Email Integration
  • OCR & Scan Capabilities
  • Manual Search & Redact
  • Preset Pattern Search
  • Regex Pattern Search
  • Redaction Previews
  • Document Editor
  • Text & Area Redaction
  • Full Page Redaction
  • Single & Bulk Uploads
Intelligent Document Analysis

Automated Document Redaction

Harness the capabilities of AI-driven document analysis to swiftly identify sensitive information within your documents. ReadyRedact intelligently scans text, images, and other media types, pinpointing and completely removing sensitive data with precision and speed. Say goodbye to manual redaction tasks. With ReadyRedact, AI automates the redaction process saving valuable time and resources while ensuring compliance and confidentiality.

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Automated Document Redaction
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Smart and Versatile

Reliable Redaction Software

Today's businesses and organizations face ever-growing amounts of incoming data and tightening regulations on data privacy protection. Whether you need to quickly redact a single page, small batch, or process large volumes of sensitive material, ReadyRedact can get the job done. Save time and lower unnecessary risks with this cloud-based redaction solution!

  • Scanning Ability
  • Auto Redaction Rules
  • API Access
  • Unlimited Redactions
  • Advanced OCR Search
  • Volume Discounts
Configurable Annotations

Complete Redaction Tools

ReadyRedact's annotations were built for ease and accessibility with a user-friendly toolbar and a long list of collaboration tools. Add important notes and details to log specific redactions and exemption codes with comment boxes or sticky notes. Customize your annotations as needed with preset shapes, colors and icons. Upload images, add predefined and custom stamps, highlight, underline or strikethrough text and more!

  • Sticky Note
  • Free Text Edit
  • Stamping Tool
  • Highlighter
  • Drawing Tools
  • Image Stamping
  • Strikeout Tool
  • Eraser
  • Shapes
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Streamlined Collaboration

Organized Project Management

ReadyRedact features a built-in file manager to help keep you organized. Share annotated documents, track changes, and coordinate redaction efforts seamlessly, enhancing workflow efficiency. Easily drag and drop files and folders allowing you to upload, process, save, store and export your documents. Create, delete, modify and share files as needed with others or a team. You can even set permissions for an extra level of security and search files for quick retrieval.

  • Create Folders & Sub Folders
  • Delete Files & Folders
  • Modify Files & Folders
  • Drag & Drop Files
  • User Management & Permissions¬†
  • Audit History & Reports
  • Quick Upload
  • Download, Export & Share
  • Search File and Folder Names
  • Scan to Redact & File
File Sharing Accessibility

Powerful Integrations

Seamlessly integrate ReadyRedact into your existing workflow with its versatile integration options. Whether it's through API connections or compatibility with popular document management systems, ReadyRedact adapts to your workflow requirements. Integrations that allow systems to efficiently work together help elevate productivity, optimize collaboration and lead to more enhanced data consistency. ReadyRedact bolsters its AI-backed redaction software by integrating with today's top file sharing applications including DropBox, OneDrive and Box.

Document Redaction Integrations Page
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Ready to start protecting your documents?